Happy Halloween - Noah's First Halloween

So today's the day, it's Halloween and it's Noah's very first Halloween too! 

I remember this time last year I was heavily pregnant and I was hoping that I would go into labour so he would be a little Halloween baby and I could nickname him pumpkin. Fast forward a year and I've got that pumpkin I was asking for and doesn't he look cute? 

We haven't really made any plans as of yet. I think he is a little young for trick o treating yet but I can't wait to take him when he's older. We are probably going to go out for a walk, out for dinner and then visit family but we are just going to see where the day takes us!  

Have you made any Halloween plans with your little ones? 


National Cat Day - A babies best friend

Give your cat a cuddle because today is National cat day! 

This time last year I blogged about my two cats and how important I think it is to show and teach children how to respect and love animals from a young age. I was pregnant with Noah at the time I wrote that post and couldn't wait to start putting my sentiments into practice. 

I hoped that Noah would develop a great friendship with the cats and that they would accept him into our family. Fast forward a year and I couldn't of pictured it any better.

Noah and Teddy are becoming the best of friends. 

Ted is usually a very timid and cautious cat and although he completely trusts Nick and I he is still jumpy if you move too quickly or are too loud. With this in mind we thought a baby would terrify him but thankfully we were wrong.

Teddy is really interested in what Noah does and will walk up to him to see what he's doing. He seems to want to be near him and often sits beside him. He has even been spotted guarding Noah's bedroom door at night which we find very endearing. Ted is very patient and trusting with Noah and seems to understand that he is a baby.

Noah is as interested in Ted as Ted is in him. With Noah being so young you would expect him to be really rough and heavy handed with the cats but incredibly he's not. He's ever so gentle with them and pets them just as we do as adults. When he strokes them I tell him "be nice" "ahhh nice" and he giggles and smiles. He's never grabbed the cats or pulled their tails but he has attempted to crawl over them once or twice! 

It makes my heart melt seeing both baby and cat interact in such a loving way. I can't wait to watch their bond blossom and to see them grow up together. 

Do you have pets? How do your children behave with them? 


Introducing the new wooden toy range from ASDA

Wooden toys are all the rage at the moment and for good reason too. There are so many pro's when it comes to choosing them over their plastic competitors. 

They look fabulous, are usually great value for money and are very hard wearing too. The main advantage for me is that they are a type of toy that don't need all the buttons, lights or batteries and they really encourages your child to use their creativity and imagination more. In this day and age where everything is electronic and digitial this is invaluable for both children and parents.  

When we were contacted asking if we would like to review a couple of the toys from ASDA's new wooden toy range I was more than happy to accept. I then had the hard feat of deciding on which toys to go for. I would of probably gone for one of the fabulous wooden kitchens if Noah was a little older but I chose the Wooden Toy Car Transporter and the Wooden Food Crates as I thought they were more age appropriate for him at the moment.

Wooden Toy Transporter

This is such a lovely toy. Not only do you receive the wooden car transporter but three little removable cars too. It's like two toys for the price of one! Each part of the transporters trailer comes apart too which is also a nice feature. It's clearly well made and excellent quality and for it to be just £12 is an absolute bargain. 

Noah really likes to play with the cars but is a little young to fully understand how they work just yet. It's a toy that's going to grow with him and I can see him having many years of fun with it. Photo's really don't do this toy justice, it's almost too beautiful to play with. 


Wooden Food Crates-

Food based toys are my favourite and as soon as I spotted these on the website I just had to go for them. For just £10 you receive 2 separate food crates filled with wooden toys foods; bread, cheese, onion, apple, aubergine, mushroom, baguette and a tomato. All of which look good enough to eat and I know that because Noah has tried on many occasions! 

I am so glad I chose this set because Noah absolutely loves them! He will take all the foods out of the crates and then put them back in. He chews on them, passes them to me, throws them around. He's had so much fun with these already in the short amount of time that we have had them. 

All in all we are very impressed with ASDA's new range of wooden toys. Both toys are superb quality, beautifully crafted and are excellent value for money. I can see us buying many more toys from the range in the future! 

- We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own. 


Our home: The kitchen

It's been a while since I last updated you on the progress in our kitchen so I thought it was about time I blogged about it. The kitchen is probably the room in the house that has been transformed the most and I'm so happy with the way it's turned out. I had a vision in my head of how I wanted my dream kitchen to look and I've got it. 

Here is a visual update on our kitchen from start to finish-