Noah - 14 Months Old

Ever the cheeky monkey, there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't make us giggle. He has always been such a character. He has been going through a big long leap this month and it says that one of the traits you show during this development leap is defiance and he is certainly living up to it. Noah has really started testing his boundaries and rarely listen to my instructions anymore. It's all part of learning and we will get there, little monkey!

I really need to get Noah weighed soon. I have no concerns but I would just like to know where he is percentile wise. He is wearing a mix of 9-12 month and 12-18 month clothing. He's very slim built and long. He was wearing size 4 nappies but is now in BTP cloth nappies. 

Noah has been fine health wise this month despite a few episodes of teething. He now has 4 teeth, he has his 3 on the bottom and 1 canine at the top. I can see many more right underneath the gum and I don't think it will be long until they cut through. (Just as I was about to post this Noah has come down with an awful cough and cold so just had to edit before posting!)

Noah has always been a great eater but as soon as he started going through his current development leap he went off his food a little. He started picking at food, only eating certain bits and was gagging really easy on everything. It could be the leap but it could be to do with teething too? Maybe a combination. The past week he has been fine though and is pretty much back to how he feeding before. He now tries to use a spoon and fork himself which is really cute. He also likes to have his own bowl and will always tidy up his high chair tray by putting lose morsels of food back into his bowl. He is still having three bottles of cows milk too, 8oz in the morning, 5oz in the afternoon and 8oz at night.

We've had a good month sleep wise, a few nights hit or miss. Generally bedtime is 8pm and he will sleep through till 8am - 9am. Sometimes he will go to bed a little later and sometimes he will wake at 6am for his morning bottle and then go back to sleep. Naptime is good too and we've had no naptime drama for a while. I have found the past week or two Noah has been waking up in the morning a little later so the past two days we've cut out the mid morning nap and are just having one longer afternoon nap. It's going okay for now but we will see.

Milestones and new tricks
Walking - Today at 14 months and 7 days Noah took 6 steps, then did it again and again! This is the most he has ever done and I think this is it now. I think by next month I will be writing that he is walking everywhere. I find it strange that he learnt to walk at 14 months just like I did. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Mobile - He seems to be able to climb down off things a lot more efficiently this month and is a lot more steady at doing everything. 

Talking - Noah is really coming on with being vocal, he tries to repeat every word that you say and I have noticed that he will look at something and say what it's called. The words he knows are; Mama, Dada, Dad, Daddy, Nan, Nanna, Jake, Mickey, dirty, hiya, and light.

Understanding - He understand so many things that I say to him now and it surprises me on a daily basis. I ask if he wants to have lunch and he will crawl off into the kitchen. If I ask him if he wants a bath he will head for the stairs.

He now pretends to talk on the phone a lot which is very cute! He also likes to try help clean up with a wipe and tries to put his own nappy on. 

Feeding. He is trying to use his spoon and fork a lot more this month and is getting there but sometimes gives up and uses his hands instead.

Pretending to talk on the phone. "Hiya, Dad?" "Bab?!" He say's Bab all the time and I have no idea what he are trying to say but it must mean something to him. 

Stacking and tidying. He is always stacking objects or putting items in things. He loves to tidy up or put the bits of food that have fallen out his dish back into it. 

Disney Jnr. The channel drives me nuts but he does insist we put it on a lot of the time. He will pick up the remote and give it to me. 

Being applauded. One of his favourite things is to have everyone applaud him. He will sit there clapping with you with the biggest smile on his face.

Pointing. He has always been a pointer but now he will point at all the different parts in books or at the TV so that you tell him what those things are. 

Books. He loves looking through his books and pointing at all the different pictures. He doesn't really have the patience to sit there and let you read a page though. By the time you are on the second word he is already turning the page over.

Gadgets. Still obsessed with phones, ipads, remotes. I have to hide them otherwise he totally fixates on them. 

Brushing people's hair! 

Being told no. Which every toddler on the planet dislikes too. When I tell him no or ask him not to do something he usually cries his eyes out like I have just gone and broke his heart. 

Not being able to reach something himself, he gets so frustrated. 

Here is some more baby spam! Enjoy!

H&A Bathtime Buddies - Review

Noah loves having a bath, it's one of his favourite things to do. When you tell him that it's time for a bath he will stop whatever he is doing and crawl to the bottom of the stairs ready for us to take him up. He will then stand at the bath excitedly as it fills with water and bubbles. 

We have amassed quite the collection of bath toys over the past year and I don't think Noah could ever have enough. I think he would fill his bath with bath toys instead of water if he had the option.

We were recently sent a pack of 4 rubber duckies from H&A for Noah to try out and as soon as I saw them I knew they would be a hit.

These brightly coloured squirting ducks will attract every toddlers interest with their deep hue's and cute faces. They are also just the right size for those pint sized hands too.

Rather than filling them with water and squirting them he would pop them into his mouth like a big duck shaped dummy. He is teething at moment so I think gnawing on the phalate free plastic felt good on his gums. 

Noah also liked throwing them about in the water, throwing them at me and throwing them out of the bath! Little monkey! 

I think they are a great bath toys and at just £2 for the set they are an absolute bargain. 

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own.


Hot chocolate, cloth nappies and uptown funk! 4/52 - #littleloves

Another week has flown by in the blink of an eye. Here is my 4th week filled with some of my little loves! 

I promised to start reading a book last week and have I? Nope. I'm kicking myself. I promise I will start one soon but I am struggling find time to do anything at the moment. I certainly need to learn how to priorities my time better. 

I did however read a couple of really thought provoking posts good friend Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks this week. One of my favourites being "My social media detox." I say favourite because I can totally relate to that post and I really need to take a page out of that book myself.  

I'm still hooked on Celebrity Big Brother and I can't believe how much drama there has been this year. It's emotionally draining for a viewer to watch nevermind those poor folks living in there.

I have also been watching American Horror Story which is as crazy and disturbing as ever. The final season of Justified has just begun too so that's something to look forward to each week, I love that show. 

I haven't been wearing anything interesting really, nothing new to report on other than my usual thick knits and leggings! It's far too cold to be even thinking about wearing anything else.

A little of the same for Noah really. He has been under the weather he's been wearing babygrows during the day because I didn't want to be having to faff about with outfits when he's isn't well. It's all about being comfortable when you are poorly. 

He has also been rocking lots of cloth nappies this week! I wish we had started our cloth nappy journey a lot sooner but better late than never. 

Noah and I are both obsessed with Uptown Funk. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson always seem to get it right! We've been singing and dancing to this song a lot this week! 


Lots and lots of hot chocolate! I'm not usually a hot chocolate person and usually drink latte's or tea but I can't seem to get enough. It's got to have marshmallows though! 

And lastly 
Noah is walking!!!!!!!! 


Project 365 - Week 4 - 4/52

How has it been 4 weeks already? This year is flying by! I have been getting on really well with 365. I thought I would because I am always snapping away but what I didn't expect was how Project 365 would inspire me and challenge me to take better photo's. I am enjoying it so much! 

January 18th - 24th / Week 4

I had a baby free afternoon so my cat decided to play the role of baby and pretty much prevented me from doing anything.

There are no words, he's such a little love.

I rehomed a cat and had to make a late stop at the shops. I was a bad Mummy having Noah out past his bedtime but he didn't mind. I just had to let him crawl for a second just to get this photo. 

Noah officially started walking today and I couldn't of been happier! I cried, smiled and laughed. It was a lovely day. I love this photo of him rummaging through his toy box in his bedroom. 

Here he is throwing most his lunch on the floor! Do you see a reoccurring theme in my photo's? I will give you a clue, it begins with N! 

We've been using cloth nappies since the start of the year and we are such big fans. I wish we had started earlier but better late than never. 

We went to the park and for a walk. This was Noah standing unaided outside for the very first time. As soon as I took this photo he fell face down into the grass but he didn't mind at all. 

Until next week!